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Thank You For Your Interest in Art(s)cool PDX!

We are an arts and sciences enrichment program that provides programming all over the Portland Metro Area. We work in conjunction with other organizations, programs and professional teaching artists and scientists to bring back a hands on education in the arts and sciences. Please check out RAD, RAD SUMMMER PROGRAMMING HERE for information on camps, workshops and events.

 Check out our facebook and twitter for more information!

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We are working to build a stronger arts and sciences education and enrichment community.

Thank you for your support!

The Arts Are NOT a Luxury.

If you have questions or further business with Art(s)cool PDX please contact us at dianna@artscoolpdx.com

If you’d like to submit information about a class, camp, workshop or location that’s rad please click here!

2 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Robyn Williams says:

    I’m an artist and would be pleased to donate a few pieces to your Art for a Year project. I can be reached at robynwilliamsart@gmail.com or during the day at 503-274-6565. Cool project.

    • That’s amazing Robyn!
      I am tasking new interns this week so I will have someone contact you about your donation. Have a wonderful new year!

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